Interview with a Computer Programmer

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“Interview with a Computer Programmer”

I telephoned a friend, Kevin Rich, who lives in Ronkonkoma, NY, a place where I grew up and still often visit from time to time. Kevin Rich earned his degree in Computer Programming from the University of Rochester, where he attended college there for a period of 5 years. Kevin currently works for Bausch and Lomb and his job title is a computer analyst. Bausch and Lomb is one of the best-known and respected healthcare brands in the world, offering the finest range of eye health products including contact lenses and lens care products, pharmaceuticals, intraocular lenses and other eye surgery products. Bausch and Lomb sell their products worldwide and have many branches throughout the United States. Kevin’s job description is to study and analyze the business’s tasks. He develops and implements software and hardware to complete these tasks with the help of the people he works with. He also manages the computer systems that are already in place and makes sure they run flawlessly. Kevin has been working with Bausch and Lomb since 2004 and I found that he will would be the perfect candidate to interview and get some knowledge of the computer programming field, and what I can expect in my future from pursuing such a career. I asked him a range of questions from his past experiences and why he chose to pursue the career that he did.

Kevin took a real interest in computers and computer programming during his senior year in high school. At that time he decided to study computers in college and make it a career. In elementary and high school Kevin took a special interest in math and science. He said it was natural for him to expand his interest by pursuing a career in computer science. Kevin added, that he had always enjoyed applying logic to solve problems and that computers gave him that chance to do that on a regular basis. Kevin said that computer programming opened his eyes to the magic of computer hardware and solid state devices. He stated that there are few things more thrilling, humbling, and necessarily frustrating than writing computer programs. Kevin was able to earn his bachelor degree in 5 years, mainly because he had to work while attending college.

The courses that Kevin had to engage in college started with introductory to more advanced classes. Kevin gave me a brief overview of the classes and what you a person will learn while attending such classes. An Introductory to Computer Programming class is always the first step in earning a computer programming degree. Students are basically introduced to basic concepts in software development and provide hands-on experience to solving common programming problems. Computer Architecture courses are also mandatory and these classes teach system design machine language and organization of computers at their basic levels. Software Development and Program Design Course offers students more developed fluency in a programming language where they can begin to create larger software programs. Operating Systems courses introduce students to the fundamentals of operating systems, such as, Windows, Linux and Mac OS. These systems differ from what type of computer the person is using such as a Dell or an Apple. Artificial Intelligence courses are also mandatory, these courses teach students how to observe concepts used in adaptive systems and computer games. There are many different languages that a person must be able to use and differentiate from one another. These languages include a numerous list depending on what type of program the user is going to use.

There are really no special requirements that a person needs to be a computer programmer,” Kevin added. Although, having a high level of organizational skills and a logical approach to solving problems are characteristics that would definitely help someone to become a successful computer programmer. The salary range for people in the computer industry can vary widely....
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