Information Management and Its Storage Capabilities

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Information technology is one of many tools managers use to cope with change. Computer hardware is the physical equipment used for input, processing, and output activities in an information system. It consists of the following: the computer processing unit; various input, output, and storage devices; and physical media to link these devices together. DIAGRAM AM SENDING AS A PHOTO NIKKU:WATSAP LO

Central Processing Unit(CPU):
·Manipulates symbols ,numbers and letters.
·Controls other parts of the computer system.
Primary Storage:
·Temporarily stores program instructions.
·Data being used by the instructions.
Computer software consists of the detailed preprogrammed instructions that control and coordinate the computer hardware components in an information system. Storage technology includes both the physical media for storing data, such as magnetic or optical disk or tape, and the software governing the organization of data on these physical media. Secondary Storage:

·Magnetic Disks: Floppy Disk ,Hard Disk
·Optical Disks: CD-ROM,DVDS
·Magnetic Tape: Inexpensive,older secondary-storage medium ·New Storage Alternatives: storage area networks(SAN'S)
Interactive MultiMedia:
·Integrates two or more types of media into a computer-based application. Communications technology, consisting of both physical devices and software, links the various pieces of hardware and transfers data from one physical location to another. Computers and communications equipment can be connected in networks for sharing voice, data, images, sound, or even video. A network links two or more computers to share data or resources such as a printer. All of these technologies represent resources that can be shared throughout the organization and constitute the firm's information technology (IT) infrastructure. The IT infrastructure provides the foundation or platform on which the firm can build its specific information systems. Each organization...
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