Industrialization Development

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Cotton mill, Weaving Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: July 4, 2013
1 Education:- One of the Positive effects that industrialization development has put on society is education. Before industrialization, education was only for children who could afford it. Most children, however, could not afford education and had to work in factories to help out their families instead. During the industrial revolution, the government started making it mandatory for every child to get at least a specific amount of school every day. It then became a larger amount of time that was mandatory. The government insisted that children should work on basic skills at school.             2. Inventions:- Modern Inventions was another positive effect of the industrialization development. Some examples of inventions are x-rays, telephone, electricity, steamboats, spinning jenny, water frame, and the power loom. Doctors in hospitals used X-rays to help them examine peoples’ overall health. Steamboats were a brilliant invention to help people move their goods or material across rivers or other small bodies of water. Railroads were expanded during the industrial revolution, which helped people sell their goods to more people in larger areas.             3. Living Standard:- One more overall positive effect of the industrialization development is a regular person’s overall life. Workers and lower class families were suffering during the industrialization. However, this was only a very small percentage of the population. For most people that lived during this time period, their lives overall improved. Wages started slowly getting better for the average person during industrialization. Also, during this time new classes were emerging, instead of just having rich and poor. 
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