Importance Of Computer To Communication

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Table of content
1.1 Background
1.2 Uses of computer communications
1.2.1 Computer-oriented communication
1.2.2 Telecommunications
1.2.3 Radio and television broadcasting
1.2.4 Summary of uses of computer communications
1.3 How computers communicate
1.3.1 Information, time and space
1.3.2 Agreement and implementation
1.3.3 Human influences
1.5 Chapter summary

Communication is beneficial for the human race. By communicating with one another, information can be shared - past experience, current affairs, predictions of the future — from here, there and everywhere. Also, resources and expertise can be shared, by communicating with the right people. Only hermits are noted for their ability to live satisfactorily in the absence of any communication with other people. Similar observations apply to computers too. Individual computers are capable of gathering, processing, storing and distributing information, under the direction of humans. They are not only found in distinctive boxes with keyboards, mice and screens attached, or in large cabinets bristling with flashing lights and whirling tape drives, as seen in ageing science fiction films. Their basic information-handling capabilities can be harnessed for controlling other machinery, and so they are also hidden inside things like wristwatches, microwave ovens, central heating systems, factory production line equipment and nuclear power plant safety systems. There are three main areas where benefits can be expected if one computer is able to communicate with others: it can get information that is stored by other computers; it can get other computers to do specialized work; and it can communicate with humans that use other computers. The benefits need not only be in one direction — this computer can also export its own information, its specialized abilities and access to its human users. The outcome is a beneficial sharing of resources. At present, it is usually the case that computers inside personal items like wristwatches, or inside domestic equipment like microwave ovens, do not communicate with others. However, this situation is on the point of changing, given that communication between the more recognizable types of computers has proved to be very useful, and that appropriate communication technologies are becoming available. It might also seem that a conventional home computer, or a single computer tucked into a musty office, is island-like, cut off from the world community of computers. However, this is a delusion, since such computers usually have an obliging communication mechanism: human beings transferring the latest fruits of the computing trade on floppy disk or compact disk. This research is concerned with computer communications where there are no human middlemen, so that computers can converse directly with one another. Although human participation in the role of intermediary is being eliminated, it should not be forgotten that computers only communicate because humans have instructed them to and, moreover, that this is possible because humans have instructed the computers how to communicate. The techniques covered arise from communications between conventional types of computer. However, they are equally applicable to the world of the future, where there will be things like intelligent houses with communication not just between domestic appliances but also with the fabric of the building itself. The act of communication is not always easy for humans. For example, it is not feasible for every person in the world to communicate effectively with any other person whenever desired. Differences in culture, availability and physical location cause problems....

Links: Just as human communication devices like the telephone and television are underpinned by physical media, including electrical cables and broadcasts in the electro-magnetic spectrum, so are computer communications. This book is not concerned with the physical details of how such media are put to work, but only
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