Implementations of Electronic Gadget by Malaysian Government in Teaching and Learning Procedure in Government Primary School

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1.0 Introduction

This chapter discusses about the research background, statement of problem, purpose of the study, objectives of the study, research questions, significance of the study, scope of study and limitation of the study. 1.1Background of the Study

Technology in education can be defined as an electronic network for finding, collecting, storing, processing, transporting and conveying information effectively, rapidly and many (Ahmad Fuad Othman, 2003). Technology education is one area related to facilitating student learning and interest in the implementation of teaching and learning in schools (Division of Educational Technology, 2012). According to the Division of Educational Technology (2012) again, technology education is a combination of processes and tools involved in addressing educational needs and problems, with emphasis on the application of the latest tools such as computers and related technology. Educational technology can also be defined as a field of practice and ethical practices to facilitate and improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning through the production, use and management of resources and appropriate technology process (Karti Suharto, 1990).

On January 12, 2009, Bernama Online report of the Director General of Education, Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom said that the Ministry of Education would first study the effectiveness of the e-book program, which was launched in the state, before being extended in the country's education system. According to the report, the state of Terengganu e-book pilot program that provides laptops to students to replace school books.

However, for the time being the use of a textbook manual is still relevant because some schools experiencing problems including no electricity infrastructure and computing facilities. He is keen to capitalize on the rapid development of educational technologies to facilitate the teaching and learning process, including the use of digital textbooks. Through this technology, students no longer have to carry heavy bags loaded with a variety of textbooks and exercise books to school. I-pad for example, has taken over the role of textbooks and notebooks in several schools in Asia.

It is undeniable that technological progress is very instrumental in people's lives. Advances in technology with human-like life cannot be separated. With the advances in technology we are able to obtain a variety of information available in parts of the world. Technological advances would cause such a big change on the lives of people in various fields and such great impact on the cultural values of the society adopted, including life style of thinking. Technology designed to facilitate every human activity. Technology has a wide range of countless varieties. One of the most popular examples of technology in the era of globalization is a electronic gadget. Some people have even often hearing the word "electronic gadget". But not many of them who understand what is meant by the instrument itself. A few years ago among the tools belonged only to smooth procuring employment. However, now owned by each tool was among. This is due to the diverse shapes of parts and very interesting as well as a variety of other functions to communicate as well as to share, create, and entertain with audio, video, photographs, writings, music and so on. As one who lived in the era of globalization, we need to follow all developments that occur in particular in the field of technology as a tool. However, it should be noted that the facilities provided by the device not only created a positive effect but also pose a negative impact. Therefore, we should be careful in using this technology.

1.2Statement of the Problem

1.2.1 Issue-Based Teaching Traditional

Havice (1999) has classified that involves the use of traditional teaching methods textbooks and lectures alone. Stinson & Claus (2000) stated that the equipment in a traditional classroom is equipped with...
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