Human Computer Interaction

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Human computer interaction is an interdisciplinary field in which scientists related to computer field, engineers, psychologists and professionals related to designing field play important roles. At start their was question that humans are using machine for centuries but took too long for becoming human computer interaction as important field for design the interaction devices. Answer to this question is that machines used by human in past has limited functioning. An example of machine that were used by human in past is hammer which is useful for driving nail and furthermore there is no use of hammer. Whereas for computer we need interaction devices that are designed by studying the rules of interaction and take careful study of human computer interaction rules so that we can implement these rules of human computer interaction. These interaction rules of human computer interaction help to increase productivity of interaction devices. The goal of Human Computer Interaction is to solve issues of design and technology use, its purpose is also to make systems that are computer based easy to use and easy to learnable in different organization. Easiness and effectiveness are two point that are to make systems successful that will interact with user properly, including different software systems, different offices and factory machines, and websites and mobile phone apps. Human Computer Interaction considers main issues that affect the interaction system on everyday life as in the workplace at home, in schools, in colleges, in universities and in different organizations. In the mid of 1980, term Human Computer Interaction was accepted for describing this new field as a means of study. This term focus on interest broader than just designing of the interface for interaction with the computer and it concerns with all the parts that plays an important for designing interaction design between users and computers. There is no agreed terms for human computer interaction until the most recent terms that are provided for human computer interaction is "Human Computer Interaction is a field that concerns with the designing, evaluating and implementing of interactive interaction design in computer systems for the use of human and with study of phenomena that are surrounding them”. First of all, we explain the purpose of Human Computer Interaction. Human Computer Interaction is the learning of how human interact with the computer. It consists of three parts human, computer and interaction. Human part involves the understanding of user’s activities, needs, preferences, habits. Computer part involves the tools and experiences. Interaction part involves design of all systems, artifacts that provides all user needs, preferences and designing for future. Human computer interaction is a field that emerges in the 1980, initially cognitive science and human factors were introduced by Human Computer Interaction and they become special area in computer science at that time. Human Computer Interaction field is expanding very fast and steadily for the last three decades (1970-2000), this field is attracting professionals toward itself by introducing new concepts that is making this field more important to learn and is become necessary for developing systems for interaction with computer. To a great extent, Human Computer Interaction now gathers many self-governing fields of research and practice and now become a human centered informatics. People are interacting with the computer from start but it took much time to accept Human Computer Interaction as important field for designing and to become a field of research. Related journals, conferences, and professional associations appeared in the 1970s and 1980s. Human computer interaction is now become important course in research universities, at start it was in important in computer science, until now it does not form a single discipline. Fields with researchers who identify with Human...
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