Human Comedy

Topics: World War II, Ithaca, Broadsheet Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Life goes on even through the toughest times. “A good man never dies.” (Callimachus), he is always remembered. In the Human Comedy by William Saroyan a historical fiction book taking place in Ithaca, California during World War II. Homer, a fourteen year old telegraph messenger, learns this lesson through Mr. Spangler, the owner of the telegraph office; Mr. Grogan, Homer’s close friend who types telegraphs; and Marcus, his older brother fighting in the war. When Marcus dies he lives on in spirit because he was such a good man; his good spirit will live on in everyday life. When Mr. Grogan dies his lively, wise, sympathetic spirit will live on. Mr. Grogan’s passion for his job will live on forever. Although Mr. Spangler has not died yet, his generosity will continue to live on when he dies. The good men, Mr. Spangler, Marcus, and Mr. Grogan will always be remembered for their kindness, compassion, and generosity. Mr. Spangler will live on forever when he dies because of his generosity. When a man comes in to rob the telegraph office, Mr. Spangler says, “I’d give you the money anyway, but not because you’re pointing a gun at me.”(Saroyan 103-104) Mr. Spangler gives the man the money because he knows the brigand needs the money. The thief will always remember the undeserved kindness Mr. Spangler gave him. Although Mr. Spangler knows Homer is under aged and says, “We’re not supposed to hire a boy unless he is sixteen, but I thought I’d take a chance on you,” (Saroyan 18). Although Mr. Spangler knows Homer is too young to work at the telegram office, he gives Homer the job because he knows Homer’s family needs the money. Homer will remember Mr. Spangler because he was kind when Homer’s family needed the help. While Homer is on his first day at the job Mr. Spangler gives him a quarter and says, “Go get me two-day old pies-apple and coconut cream. Two for a quarter” (Saroyan 19). Mr. Spangler is generous to Homer and purchases Homer two pies for him and Mr. Grogan to...
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