How Computers Affect Our Lives

Topics: Internet, Server, Computer Pages: 1 (419 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Computers Ease Our Lives
Nowadays, many people say that computers make life more complex. However I do not agree with that. I think computers ease our lives in many ways. They help us to store our documents as well as not occupying a place. Also, we can make a great profit on them by using the internet which is helping us on our researches by lessen the time that we spend for researches. Moreover, we can pacify ourselves by doing some activities on computers. To begin with, several decades ago, there was no computer and people used papers to record information. Papers had very few information in, when compared to the place they occupied. It was hard to preserve those papers especially for companies. Also, when they wanted check out those information, which preserved in big folders, it was very hard find them. In case it was found, it was hard to examine them and find what they were looking for. In essence, making deal with big folders was a very time-consuming work. However, now, via the computers it is easy to save information. Perhaps, in 100 megabyte, you could have information that would occupy a room if you printed out. Also, in computers, it is easy to reach the information you are looking for. By several letters in search box and a click, you can find all the information you need. Furthermore, computers help us to find any kind of information that we want in a minute by the internet. Without the internet and a computer to find some information, we may have to spend hours in a library or in another place by asking questions to the people. Therefore, it saves us from a great effort and gives us the relief of making researches in a comfort of a house. Besides, there are a lot of activities we can do on computers to escape our stressful life: playing video games, listening music and surfing on the internet are just some of them, there are a lot more like these. They relieve us by drawing our attention from the difficulties of our lives. To sum up, computers...
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