how computer works?

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Computers can be an extremely complex technology. The specifics of every part involved in making a computer run can slowly turn into an overly sophisticated process that could become mind numbing to a reader. To explain the process of how this technology works, a broad overview of its significant features that allow it to operate would be better suited to express its general mechanics to any non-savvy computer user. A computer is “a dead collection of sheet metal, plastic metallic tracings, and tiny flakes of silicon” (White, 4). These pieces are shaped in a way to accommodate the machines inner elements. In the end they form what we know to look like a computer. So, what’s behind that monitor and inside the bulkiest part of a computer that creates something so remarkable? First is BOIS, the basic input and output device in a computer. Once you turn on a computer for the first time the hardware needs to be installed. This system automatically does that process for the user. “… the BIOS program turns the computer over to an operating system like Windows XP” (Click-N-Learn). The motherboard of a computer is the area that holds all the necessary devices, tools, or wires for a computer to run. Below is a picture of the BIOS in a computer, which anyone with computer malfunctions has probably seen:

In the past computers used vacuum tubes, silicon, or other inefficient items to run. Once nanotechnology came into the game it changed the way computers did just about everything. All the information is stored inside chips. These chips each have their own functions and are embedded with certain tasks to do. From wires they communicate with one another to preform certain tasks or send information from one area to another at a quick pace. The knowledge inside these chips is also referred to as data. The chips send this data through wires, or buses. “A bus is a small metal path or wire that connects the items on a motherboard together “ (Click-N-Learn). The CPU of a...
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