History of Computers

Topics: Computer, Charles Babbage, Internet Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: May 7, 2013
History of computers
The first computers were designed by Charles Babbage in the mid 1800 and are sometimes Collectively known as the Babbage engines. The first computers that was ever made was the Abacus. The computers that we use now are used by electricity. Another way they have changed is that I like having computers as my daily life because it allows me to talk to my friend and family that live in different part of the country. One thing that I dislike about the computers is that they sometimes freeze up and you can lose some of the stuff that you have saved. Computers have changed over the years in terms or size, their performance, their usage, the software, and hardware utilized for its manufacture and development. They used to occupy one big room, in order to fully function, with limited storage, functions and applications. Over the years, computers have grown smaller, with the capacity to operate at 1 million times, faster than it was initially invented, with very large capacity for storing information. Computers have made drastic changes through the years. Comparing the first computers with the computers of today would probably give you a good chuckle at the very minimum. When computers were first invented, the average person didn't use them. In fact, the average person would have had a very difficult time understanding how to use one. In the first years of computers, you had to know very complicated commands to get the results you wanted. The internet wasn't on the grand scale that it is today. In fact, most of the information found on the internet today wasn't available in the first years.
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