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Philippine Literature Chapters 2 and 3

Types of genres (Literature)
1.Short Story (Fiction)
2.Novel (Fiction)
3.Essay (Non-fiction)
Elements of Fiction
1.Setting (Time and place)
2.Characters (People, animals / things)
General Types:
> Protagonist
> Antagonist
> Anti-hero
> Anti-hero (does not have the traditional quality of a hero)

Specific Types:
> Flat / Static (qualities do not change)
> Dynamic (qualities change)
> Round character (Multidimensional character)
> Foil character (emphasizes the qualities of main character)

3.Point of View
Perspective in which the story is told.
a.)First Person (I, We, Us)
b.)Second Person (You)
c.)Third Person (He, She, It, They)
-> Limited (The story is seen through one person)
-> Omniscient (All knowing narrator)
4. Plot
- Structure of the story
Two types: Linear (Chronological); Non-linear (Not chronological) Parts: Exposition (Characters, Setting, introduced)
Rising action (Conflict is introduced)
Climax (Highest point of the story)
Falling action (Conflict, little by little is resolved)
Resolution (Ending)

5. Complication
Types: Man vs Man
Man vs Nature
Man vs Society
Man vs Himself

6. Mood / Tone
Emotions present in the story
7. Theme
- Central idea of the story
- Human condition that is present in the story
- does not have exactly have to be moralistic

Elements of Poetry
1.) Persona
- Person talking in the poem
- Not always the author

2.) Addressee
- the one who is talking by the persona
- listener
3.) Objective situation
- Where and when (the poem happened)
4.) Poetic tension
- the crisis/problem in the poem
5.) Tone
- motive
6.) Objective Correlative
- the central metaphor / the recurring or controlling image


Adapted by F. Landa Jocano
*Tungkung Langit
- God
- “Pillar of the Sky”
- industrious, loving and kind.
- God
-“ Unmarried one”
- selfish, lazy, jealous
- irrational, paranoid

*Before there was no earth and sky, only a confusion.
*Tungkung Langit married Alunsina
*One time, Tungkung Langit went away to put and end to some chaotic disturbances. Alunsina, sent the breeze to spy on Tungkung Langit. *Tungkung Langit knew about this and he became angry to Alunsina. He drove away Alunsina. *Alunsina disappeared.

*Tungkung Langit felt very lonely. He made different things to make Alunsina come back. Points:
*The story emphasized that, traditionally, men always work.
*It also emphasized the capability of women to be independent by making Alunsina leave Tungkung Langit. *Women are mysterious and indeterminate
*Women are caring but they can be dangerous
*Women can really be deadly (Example: Helen of Troy, Eve, Mother Earth)

- Carl Gustar Jung
- regardless of the writer’s nationality, his view of men and women are the same - the DNA of human psyche
- that if all humans have the same physical heritage, they share the same innate psychological predespositions (in the form of archetypes (metaphor))

by Joi Barrios
> Ascribing characteristics to different kind of woman in society such as a separated woman, spinster, mistress, whore. > A revolutionary poem.
> Emphasized a great difference between men and women (such as by being a bachelor or a spinster) Points:
*The poem emphasized the speaker of having no regrets on her bitter past. (1st stanza) *If a woman has a bitter past, the society will associate it to them up to present time. (2nd stanza) *Emphasized the feminist standards of society (3rd stanza)

*The freedom and own choice of a woman (4th stanza)
*5th stanza: Shows that being independent is not a limitation thus a way of redeeming self. **6th stanza: The ability of women to be independent.
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