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Topics: Individual, Interpersonal relationship, Communication Pages: 4 (1190 words) Published: August 22, 2013
1.1 Communication is key in any job, reasons for this is to ensure that individuals needs are met and so that people understand what is going on. reason for commuincation: understand
build relationships/teamwork
get point accross
contact/share info
prevent thing from going wrong
In my workplace communication is very important so that we can work effectively. Working with the elderly you must have good relationships with ur colleagues. Residents will pick up on negative vibes, this could make them act out of character because they worry about you. In my workplace we have built up a good relationship due to good teamwork skills. 2.1 i would establish the communication needs of individuals in my workplace firstly by reading their careplans and seeing what the language needs, wishes and preferences of that particular person are. Secondly i would infrom manager if care is not up to date to keep myself right, another way of finding out residents communication needs is by actually communicating with them myself. 2.2 factors to consider when promoting effective communication include not showing any signs of aggression, using the right tone of voice, coming down to individuals eye level, whilst maintaining a professional relationship and staying close enough to touch but not invading their personal space. 2.4 when responding to an individuals reations i would comunicate by talking slowly and clearly so they can understand me. I would offer the person options in order to help them get their piont accross, i would respond to and individuals need so they know i have heard them and am trying to help them. 3.1people from different backgrounds use different method of communication by their accent if they are foregn an elderly person might fing it hard to understand them. Some individual might find it easier to use hand gestures to understand, or show them what is being expected before doing a task. 3.2 barriers to...
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