Ghadar Party

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Ghadar Party
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|Ghadar Party | |[pic] | |Founded |1913 | |Dissolved |1919 | |Preceded by |Pacific Coast Hindustan Association | |Ideology |Revolutionary Socialism | | |Indian Nationalism | |Colours |Red, Saffron and Green |

The Ghadar Party ( Punjabi: ਗ਼ਦਰ ਪਾਰਟੀ; Hindustani: ग़दर पार्टी (Devanagari), غدر پارٹی (Nastaleeq)) was an organization founded by Punjabi Indians,[1] in the United States and Canada with the aim to liberate India from British rule. Key members included Sohan Singh Bhakna, Kartar Singh Sarabha, and Rashbehari Bose.

After the outbreak of World War I, Ghadar party members returned to Punjab to agitate for rebellion alongside the Babbar Akali Movement. In 1915 they conducted revolutionary activities in central Punjab and attempted to organize uprisings, but their attempts were crushed by the British Government.[1] After the conclusion of the war, the party in America split into Communist and Anti-Communist factions. The party was formally dissolved in 1948.[1]


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Etymology[edit source | editbeta]

Ghadar is an Urdu word derived from Arabic which means "revolt" or "rebellion." As Kartar Singh Sarabha, one of the founders of the party, wrote in the first issue: "Today there begins 'Ghadar' in foreign lands, but in our country's tongue, a war against the British Raj. What is our name? Ghadar. What is our work? Ghadar. Where will be the Revolution? In India. The time will soon come when rifles and blood will take the place of pens and ink." The name of the organization was primarily spelled "Gadar Party" or "Ghadr Party" by its members.

Background[edit source | editbeta]

See also: Sohan Singh Bhakna

The economic downturn in India during the early nineteenth[dubious – discuss] century witnessed a high level of emigration. Some of these emigrants settled in North America. These included Punjabis as well as people from other parts of India. The Canadian government decided to curtail this influx with a series of laws, which were aimed at limiting the entry of South Asians into the country and restricting the political rights of those already in the country. The Punjabi community had hitherto been an important loyal force for the British Empire and the community had expected, equal welcome and rights from the British and Commonwealth governments as extended to British and white immigrants. These laws fed growing discontent, protests and anti-colonial sentiments within the community. Faced with increasingly difficult situations, the community began organising itself into political groups. A large number of Punjabis also moved to the United States, but they encountered similar political and social problems.[2]

RasBihari Bose on request from Vishnu Ganesh Pingle,[3] an American trained Ghadr, who met Bose at Benares and requested him to take up the leadership of the coming revolution. But before accepting the responsibility, he sent Sachin Sanyal to the Punjab to assess the situation. Sachin returned very optimistic.,[1][4] in the United States and Canada with the aim to liberate India from British rule....

References: Ghadar Newspaper (Urdu) Vol. 1, No. 22, March 24, 1914
The party was built around the weekly paper The Ghadar, which carried the caption on the masthead: Angrezi Raj Ka Dushman (an enemy of the British rule)
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