Gender Violence

Topics: Woman, Psychology, Female Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Gender and Violence

The young woman from the military article was very courageous for coming out and telling her personal story about the rape she endured while serving in the military. I feel the word and the action of “rape” has been seen as sort of a taboo for many generations throughout the army. So many questions about gender and violence came to my mind after reading the article. One being, why must woman be afraid of losing their occupation for speaking of a vicious violent act on them? Rape, is such a violent act, which can both physically and psychologically ruin a woman forever. How can these military men shun someone who has no control over what was done to her? The ethics of the case I feel would be found in a country without a justice system. Certain measures need to be changed in order for this order to prevent this type of desensitized behavior in the military and throughout male driven occupations. Often both abuse and violent behaviors are internalized at a young age and further exemplified in the person’s adulthood. For example, Byron Hurts mentioned in his article how stunned he was about learning the lengths that women do to protect themselves from sexual assault; and how it really evoked him to think and want to learn about gender. After learning about the female gender issues of violence, I felt he begun to learn what respect a woman really means. It is interesting how him choosing to educate himself about violence and gender had a more powerful effect on him than seeing the emotional effects of verbal abuse as a child. He even mentioned how he had a special bond with his mother and seeing her emotional pain did not change his mannerisms and understanding of the proper way to treat a woman. Education may be the most powerful tool in order to prevent violent gender behaviors amongst men towards woman in the military.

Many individuals that enter the military do not have a college education which may have exposed them...
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