Gay and Lesbian Adoption

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Gay and Lesbian Adoption Argumentative

Emily Stroud



Lesbian and gay adoption has been widely controversial across the globe. This social issue is tremendously discussed by religious, political and social groups which have been providing numerous statistics, figures and major researches on the effects of same sex couples to the mental and emotional growth of children. At the inception of the 21st century, many countries have shifted and adjusted to different kind of perspective. Many government leaders have actually allowed same sex marriages as well gay and lesbian adoption.

This paper aims to provide the readers some facts and research studies concerning the impact of same sex couples to the upbringing of their adopted children. This paper intends to open the minds of the audience concerning both sides of the issue. The paper does not provide any preference or does not promote any viewpoint relating to religious teaching or significant educational research. The information regarding same sex adoption is presented below and depends on one’s perspective whether or not to consider it acceptable on your standards and morals.


Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) adoption or same sex adoption has been considered legal during the inception of the 21st century. There is a growing number of jurisdictions in United States and countries which have recently altered their decisions concerning the legalization of gay adoption although majority of the Asian nations remain unyielding to this controversial legislative act. Gay and lesbian adoption is to a great extent debatable. Currently, many religious groups and conservative individuals are asserting powerful remarks and convincing rationalization on why this kind of adoption should not be permissible. On the other hand, significant research studies published by notable health institutions revealed the positive impact of the same sex couples on adopted children. This paper will present the rationale of advocacy and opposition on gay and lesbian adoption.

Opposition on Gay and Lesbian adoption

Same sex adoption is highly disputed in many countries. Religion appears to be the major factor that affects the legislative decision of the government of uncompromising nations. Immorality serves to be the leading basis to this social predicament. Many families have preset beliefs that parenting is a serious and important factor in a child's way of thinking and feeling. A strong family plays a tremendous factor in influencing the perspectives and supporting the emotional sufferings of a child in relation to this standpoint, a normal family constitutes a father and mother. Religion brings stigma to a family comprised of two males or two females.

"The Catholic Church and conservative Protestants remain opposed to gay adoption with one Protestant leader saying it harms kids because it intentionally creates motherless or fatherless families" (Peoples, & Bailey, 2011, p. 176). The views of religious leaders and teachings of the sacred scriptures have some bearing on the cultural values and beliefs of many individuals. The society has drastically situated religion on top of its way of life and as an outcome, the philosophy of most people highly relied on its ideas and long-established principles. Typically, the morals and mindset of a person are drawn from one's education and experiences in life; usually, the basic learning of a person spring from religion and family values. In a nutshell, going against the teachings of one’s religion is considered morally wrong. Religious leaders highly gainsay on lesbian and gay adoption since they extremely believe that the parenting of a male and female is beyond compare. The parental care and affection of gay and lesbian couples cannot surpass the security and...

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