Gaming Console (Android)

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In our generation, many application programs are being developed and are widely used in our industry, economy, education, and others; in short, application programs are now being part of our everyday life. In addition to this, many games are being created and developed with the use of different application programs more specifically the Android application program. The innovation and development of many application programs enhances the creativity and developmental skills of the programmers to make a more advanced and high class type of game. Android is from Google, and it has the most detailed interface of the available operating systems. It was released by Google in 2008 and became the No. 1 smartphone OS in the world. Because of its flexibility, you can set it up to meet your needs. Android is the most popular smartphone platform followed by IOS that is the easiest to learn, but Android offers more flexibility and control. On android phones, apps, games and content like movies and music are being sold in a one unified marketplace; it’s the Google Play Store. The apps and games in this store are about 675,000 which is just below the number of its competing company; the Apple’s App Store. Today, if people knows that you have a mobile phone that has an Android application program, people are amazed and is wanting to see the different features of that Android application program. So, the researcher became curious about the features of an Android operating system; more specifically the games because basically, when you’ve heard the word “Android apps”, you will definitely think about the game features of it.

When it comes to games, according to Jeffrey Van Camp, the Google Play store still pales in comparison to Apple’s thriving iPhone game selection, but it’s making up ground and many iOS developers are porting their games over. Things are beginning to change for gamers on Android. Our world is going crazy about smartphones and apps, the Android and iOS being two major rivals in the battle of mobile operating systems, their hardware and software technology had became close enough to give console quality gaming on tablets and smartphones. Thanks to the game developers who have used the hardware potential on such devices and made it possible to run HD games on these handsets. Although most smartphones are capable enough to run all sorts of games, but there exists a group of people who just exclusively love gaming on their Android or iOS devices and as a result gaming console projects have emerged to bring console gaming back on mobile devices. There was a time when Sony and Nintendo dominated the console gaming but now there are smart phones and wide availability of games in app store that match their experience stealing all the spot light from these pioneers. Companies like Nvidia are showing keen interest in mobile gaming consoles looking at their future. Android being open source has become a platform for mobile gaming consoles besides ability to run normal apps. Here are a few experimental mobile (Android) gaming console projects that will be available in 2013,

1. Nvidia Shield
Nvidia shield has a gaming controller based design with 5 inch 1280 X 720 HD display and pixel density of 294 ppi. The console runs on powerful Nvidia Tegra 4 quad-core ARM A15 processor with 2 GB RAM and a 72 core GeForce GPU. The console comes with 16 GB of flash storage and Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi. The sensors included are gyro and accelerometer, it has integrated speakers and it is a fully functional console with Dual analog joysticks, D-pad, Left/right analog triggers, Left/right bumpers, A/B/X/Y buttons, Volume control, Android Home and Back buttons, Start button and NVIDIA power/multi-function button. The console has dimensions 158mm (w) x 135mm (D) x 57mm (H) and weighs 579 grams. The battery capacity is 28.8 watt hours. The console runs on Android 4.2 stock JellyBean and supports Google Play,...
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