Galaxy and Dense Gas Passes

Topics: Galaxy, Sun, Milky Way Pages: 3 (670 words) Published: August 22, 2013
1. The original Big Bang model had three major problems. The 'fix' that solved them is known as _________.  COSMIC INFLATION THEORY
When light from a hot solid, liquid, or dense gas passes through a cooler gas, it will produce a/an _________ spectrum. ATOMIC SPECTRUM
One name that has been given the mysterious force apparently responsible for driving the acceleration of the universe’s expansion is _________. DARK ENERGY
The area on the H-R diagram where “normal” stars can be found is known as the _________. MAIN SEQUENCE
Although Copernicus' model of the solar system correctly placed the sun at the center, it still provided inaccurate predictions because it maintained that the planets' orbits were _________. CIRCULAR 

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A spiral galaxy like the Milky Way has three major components: the disk, the bulge, and the _________. HALO
The more massive a white dwarf is, the (larger/smaller) _________ its diameter will be. SMALLER
The strength of an object’s gravitational pull on another is determined by its _________ and the distance between them. MASS
Comparing a yellow star, a blue star, and a red star, we could determine just from color that the hottest star was the ________ one. BLUE
Rotation curves of spiral galaxies show that stars’ orbital speeds don’t drop off with distance from the galactic center as expected, and thus imply the existence of __________. DARK MATTER
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The main sequence includes the following kinds of stars:
B) Hot, blue, large, massive ones and cool, red, small, low-mass ones

Which of the following was not an era in the history of the universe? C) GRAVITATION
The phases of the moon are caused by
D) The alignment of the Earth/moon/sun system making a different portion of the moon’s daylight side visible to Earth. 14.
Spectra help us determine the composition of astronomical objects because A) Each element, compound, or ion has a different set of spectral...
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