Four Types of Tissue

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Unit 7 Lab - Four Types of Tissue

Objective: To investigate the four types of tissue


In this lab you will review the four types of animal tissues. After watching the presentation and taking notes, you will create a presentation on tissues to show your mastery of the topic.

Animal tissues may be considered the second level of organization within the body. Specialized cells come together to make specialized tissues which allow the organism to function.

You will have the opportunity to be creative as you demonstrate mastery of the four types of animal tissues.

Materials Needed

You will need a computer, an internet connection, your lab notebook, and a pen or pencil. You will also need materials to create a presentation of your choice. You may choose a poster, a 3 dimensional model, a recording, an investigative lab, or a power point presentation.


1. View the PhET presentation about animal tissues. This can be found in the presentations section. Non-majors Biology – lesson one Animal Tissues. (please inset link here).

2. Take notes to review the information about the 4 tissue types. These notes should be organized in your lab investigation report.

3. You will then prepare a presentation to teach others about tissues. You are encouraged to focus on one tissue type, but you may also compare and contrast the 4 types of tissues.

4. You can make a three dimensional poster, a power point, an investigative lab, or even a video recording.

5. This presentation should show what you have learned about tissues from the lesson, this presentation, and other additional sources you choose. (Remember to cite additional sources)

6. Complete the Analysis Questions and Conclusion.

Analysis and Conclusion Questions: : This conclusion should be answered in paragraph form, with at least 5 complete sentences.

1. Please conclude your lab with a summary paragraph of at least 5...
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