Four Basic Computer Elements

Topics: Central processing unit, Input/output, Computer Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: March 7, 2012

In generally used computers one can find that there are four basic computer elements following are the elements. 

(1) ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit): The ALU is the digital circuit that is able to perform different types of functions, such as Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication etc. 

(2) Control Unit: The control unit is the part of CPU (central processing unit) or other devices that performs the duty to direct its operations, the control unit is just like a finite state machine that has some finite states and the transaction from one state to the other state is called action. 

(3) Memory: The memory is another very important element of the computer without memory the computer can't operate in today's modern age it is called the RAM (Random Access Memory) when ever we give some instruction to the computer it passes through RAM to the Processor and the processor processes it and send it back. The main reason behind memory is that it is faster in communication with the processor then the other memory devices such as hard disk etc. 

(4) Input/output devices: The input and output devices is another important element for example the processor is the input device and it gives its output to the monitor etc for output.  There is another very important point the basic elements are considered as CPU (central Processing Unit), I/O devices, and Memory actually the CPU is the composition of different other elements such as ALU, Control Unit, Registers which is another type of memory.

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