foundation of nursing education

Topics: Nursing, Culture, Nonverbal communication Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: March 9, 2014
Question: Choose one nursing theory and explain its relevance to nursing practice by presenting its key points through the different phases of the nursing process.

Today, nurses are becoming sensitive to and knowledgeable about cultural differences and similarities in people’s care. They must recognize the values of all cultures, races and ethnic groups and respond to these differences. Increasing diversity and mobility of society accentuate an important need for professional nurses to render holistic, culturally competent nursing care. To be culturally competent, nurses must first be culturally aware and sensitive. Nurses are awaking to the critical need to become more knowledgeable and culturally competent to work with individuals from diverse cultures.

The assessment step of the nursing process is extremely important in inter ethnic relationships between patients and nurses. To gather data about a patient of a culture different from the nurse's, the nurse needs to view the patient in the contexts within which he exists. For instance, as proposed by Giger and Davidhizer (1991), there are six cultural phenomena that affect health care and communication is one. Regarding the communication measure, miscommunication is a frequent problem in hospitals. The most obvious is when the patient and hospital staff does not speak the same language. There are often terms that others use which have different meanings to them. It is very important for nurses to be understood by patients especially during health teachings for cooperation and collaboration, thus resulting to an effective nursing care. But the more subtle problems are those that result from cultural differences in meanings of non-verbal behavior. Many Asians consider it disrespectful to look someone directly in the eye, especially if that person is a nurse, not because of disinterest or dishonesty. An Asian patient may avoid eye contact out of respect for the superior status of the nurse. Many Middle...
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