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One thing we should realize is the importance of taking the time to pick a film. This is considered very private, yet exciting at the same time. This paper will provide examples of three different factors used to pick films. First the paper will provide information on how to decide which films to watch. Then this paper will give details on what makes a film enjoyable. Lastly, the paper will try to put in plain words what makes a film unpleasant. Film Selection

Keeping in mind the many factors involved in the decision of selecting a film to watch; such as, how much time does one have to watch the movie, what is the price, where the movie is being shown? These are good factors, but the most important factor is picking a film based on the individual’s mood. Is the individual going to see the film by themselves or taking a friend, and is the film a new release or classic film from the video store? Research is the key factor in any decision making process. An individual should never just run to the theater and pick a movie at random. This writer tends to lean toward action films. However, films based on stories from when the writer was a child or old westerns are his favorite. This writer tends to pick films that he knows will keep his attention and is exciting. Enjoyable Films

Enjoying a film is the most important thing when determining what film to watch. In performing research an individual should look for key factors like who is the director, actors, sound track, and what the story line is. In the beginning, films were made much different than they are today. According to Stephen H. Burum (2009):

In the beginning all there was, was a guy with a camera. There were no directors. . . . There was a guy and a camera, and he would shoot these subjects, and the subject may be twenty seconds long of a train coming at you, whatever it is. Then actors were brought in and because the cameramen were basically photographers and weren’t that facile with performers,...

References: Phillips William H. (2009). Film an introduction. (4th ed.). Boston, MA: PALGRAVE MACMILLAN.
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