FBLA computer applications practice test

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Computer Applications

1)A computer can be defined as a set of tools that helps you perform information-processing tasks.
A) True
B) False

2)Computer hardware includes monitors, disk drives, processors, and the operating system
A) True
B) False

3)A user interface is a combination of software and hardware.
A) True
B) False

4)A keyboard, mouse, and an Internet video camera are considered forms of
A) output devices.
B) scanning devices.
C) pointing devices.
D) input devices.

5)The largest, fastest, and most powerful of all types of computers are called
A) megacomputers.
B) server computers.
C) mainframe computers.
D) supercomputers.

6)A private version of a chat room in which you communicate only with people you choose is a(n)
A) instant messaging.
B) think room.
C) short messaging service.
D) debate room.

7)If you key Sun in cell B2 and then use the fill handle to place data into cell B3, what will be the resulting entry in cell B3?
A) Sunday
B) Mon
C) Monday
D) Sun

8)Less than (), and not (not equal to) are examples of ___________ in Access.
A) comparison operators
B) conditions
C) compound values
D) compound conditions

9)The place in the central processing unit where data and programs are temporarily stored during processing is called the
A) read-only memory (ROM).
B) random-access memory (RAM).
C) magnetic tape drive.
D) magnetic disk drive.

10)When the mouse pointer shape is a magnifying glass, the previewed page in the Preview window can be clicked to carry out the function of the _________ button.
A) Print
B) Setup
C) Margins
D) Zoom
11)What symbol is used before a number in Excel to make it a label?
A) Backslash ( / )
B) Asterisk ( * )
C) Apostrophe ( ‘ )
D) Plus sign ( + )

12)When the cell pointer is located in A1 in Excel, then the cell is called a(n)
A) sunk cell.
B) selected cell.
C) inactive cell.
D) active cell.

13)All of the following are examples of computer software except a
A) telephone modem.
B) language translator.
C) database management system.
D) word processing package.

14)What is the default alignment of a label in Excel?
A) Center
B) Right
C) Left
D) Justified

15)A list of choices shown on the display screen is
A) an icon.
B) a merge.
C) a menu.
D) a line.

16)The _____________ defines the appearance of letters, numbers, and special characters.
A) font style
B) font form
C) font size
D) font type

17)The extension of _____________ is added automatically to a file name when you save a PowerPoint presentation.
A) .pow
B) .txt
C) .doc
D) .ppt

18)By default, where does Word place tab stops on the ruler?
A) Every .25” mark
B) Every 1” mark
C) Every .125” mark
D) Every .5” mark

19)When integrating data between two programs into one document, the program containing the data to be copied is called the
A) pasted data.
B) destination data.
C) copied data.
D) source data.

20)Underline, shadow, emboss, and superscript are all examples of
A) font colors.
B) font styles.
C) typefaces.
D) formatting effects.

21)Filtering and sorting a table changes which of the following?
A) The actual data in the table
B) The way the data are displayed
C) The design of the table
D) All answers are correct

22)If you have a database containing information about students, then the student’s last name would be an example of a
A) table.
B) record.
C) field.
D) file.

23)All formulas in an Excel worksheet must begin with this symbol.
A) =
B) +
C) @
D) %

24)Which of the following best describes a footer?
A) Text that you want to appear at the end of a document
B) Text that gives a reference to a quote used in the document
C) Text that you want to appear at the bottom of every page
D) Text that you want to appear at the end of a section

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