Fast Food

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Name:Bao linh


Society is developing everyday, people must be busy with a

lot of work and can't relax. Follow up, many restaurant appear to

serve customer who is can't cook at home, choose convenient and

quick ways. Fast food which is established by business, have a lot

of famous brand. This essay will discuss reason why fast food is

safe, inexpensive and suits a busy, modern lifestyle.

To start with, the most important reason that it is fast food is

safe. Firstly, Fast food restaurant is provided raw material by clear

origin. For example, fast food attract a lot of costumer and chefs

must consider safe food so choice of material is very important.

In addiction, chef cook suit and high quality with costumer. For

example, chef who is important person , must inspect before waiter

bring meal to customer.

The second reason that fast food is inexpensive. First, its cost

as cheap as the meal at home. For example, you must go to market

and buy anything to cook while you can go to fast food restaurant

to eat with money that you use to cook in at home. Furthermore,

they can discount. To illustrate, if you go to fast food restaurant in

especial day, you not only will be eat new food but also foods is


Another reason that fast food suits with busy and modern life.

you will don't spent many time. For example, you don't need to

cook instead of fast food is choose faster to you can do anything

more important.Moreover, it is very convenient with busy. For

instance, if you can't cook or eat in restaurant, you can call to fast

food and take to server bring meal to you. They are happy when

they serve .

In conclusion, fast food is safe, inexpensive and suits with

busy and modern life. Almost people choose things which bring

benefits for them and fast food is choice the...
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