Fair and Lovely

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Survey Questionnaire
Topic: Social impact of marketing campaign of “Fair and Lovely” Purpose: This research is being conducted for the social impact of marketing campaign of fair & lovely. Your feedback will have significant impact on the overall findings and will be count as confidential. All the information provided by you will also be used only for the academic purpose. -------------------------------------------------

Your Age: ………………… Gender: Male Female -------------------------------------------------
Occupation: ……………………………………. 1.  Please tick the fairness products that are familiar to you: Fair and Lovely Fairness Cream| |
Fair and Lovely Oil-Control | |
Fairever | |
Fairever Mantra | |
Himalaya Fairness Cream| |
Emami Naturally Fair| |
Santoor Everyoung | |
Skinfair by Ozone | |
Garnier Light | |
Vatika Fairness Pack| |
Fair and Lovely Soap| |
Fair Glow Fairness Soap| |

2. Do you think that advertising influence your purchase decisions? * Yes
* No
3. After viewing a fair and lovely ads are you afraid of being rejected because of your skin shade? * Yes, I am always concern about my skin
* Sometimes I get worried when am in public
* Not at all
* Neutral

4. Do you think Fair & Lovely provides quality products to its customers? * Yes
* Not sure
* Neutral
* No
5. How do you rate Fair & Lovely products?
* Very good
* Good
* Average
* Poor
6. Is it ethical to exploit cultural norms and value to promote a product?  * Agree
* Strongly Agree
* Disagree
* Strongly Disagree
* Neutral
7. What is the most important thing for women to be considered as beautiful? * Fairness
* Good presentation
* Tall and good body shape
* Good personality
* Others
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