Eth/125 Final Assignment Write a 1,050- to 1,750-Word Paper That Answers the Following Questions: • What Information About Diversity in the United States Has Helped You Better Understand or Relate to Others in Ways That

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“Ethics/125 Final Assignment”

The information that I have learned about diversity in the United States of America has helped me better understand and relate to others in many ways. The United States of America is a giant melting pot of several different races, ethnicities, and cultures. What I have learned is that each group has their differences and similarities. With these differences in culture they have taught me how to be tolerant and accepting of them no matter how different from me they appear. By accepting the differences in our diverse society I have learned new thoughts and ideas of living, different perspectives of thinking, and have been introduced to a variety of foods that I have never tried before. All in all, it seems in the end that many racial and ethnic groups are different, but they share one common interest which is to love one another and be happy. The most beneficial thing to our society would be the focus on the main interest of all, instead of focusing on how different we are when compared to one another. Focusing on the differences between one another and judging others based on them was something that was done in the past. However, I had come to realize that focusing on the differences and closing the opportunity to learn about other cultures, races, and ethnicities was hindering me in life.

What I have learned about my Irish ethnicity has been quite an experience for me. I have learned that the Irish were put through many years of suffering when they immigrated to the United States of America. The Irish immigrants were considered uneducated and unworthy. In many ways the Irish were perceived to be on the same level as African Americans. Irish immigrants were put into slavery, given jobs that nobody else would take, weren’t paid well, and were forced to live in unfit conditions and only with other Irish.

The United States population will change in many ways by the year 2050. Since the beginning of the United States, whites have been a clear majority of the country. However, according to the United States Census Bureau projections by the year 2050, minority groups are predicted to account for 49.9 percent of the United States population. Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans will experience the most dramatic increases between now and 2050. This will happen when the United States population has grown close to 50 percent to reach 420 million. Racial and ethnic changes are happening faster than expected, due to the higher than predicted immigration rates for Asian and Hispanic Americans. Historically, the United States of America has been a “white and black” country, but that’s not true any longer and even less true for the future. The reason why I believe this is true is because it is factual information derived from data trends recorded by the United States Census Bureau.

A challenge that the United Sates of America faces due to the diversity of its people would be cultural pluralism. In reality cultural pluralism tends to promote anger from the indigenous culture towards the new coming culture. The United States of America needs to get rid of the entire label of hyphen Americans; we are one country and should be one as individuals. Having different ethnic or racial groups segregating themselves creates a “salad bowl” rather than a “melting pot”. This leads to animosity and not acceptance. This nation will not foster a climate of acceptance until people shed themselves of the old mantras of the under class or victim class and start seeing themselves as equals.

The benefits of a diverse society in the United States are many. For example, diversity in society helps us to grow as individuals and open our minds to different ways of life. When you become exposed to different ways to live, and see how other cultures carry on then you are no longer closed to the idea that we are all different in some way, and those differences can be meaningful in our lives....

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