Erotic Films on Television: Analysis on the Debate on Its Influence on Youth

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality Pages: 17 (5732 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Erotic films on television: analysis on the debate on its influence on youth A term paper submitted in partial fulfillment of MAC 322

Mass Media and Society
Akinyele Omolola
May 2, 2013

Theorietical framework4
Global evidence of television influence on the behaviour of young people7
Change in Attitudes11
Erotic Films on Television and Sexual Violence14
Premature or inadvertent exposure to sexually explicit content19
Sexual Addiction21
The inappropriate acceptance and adoption of non-mainstream sexual practices22

Few inventions of the Twentieth Century were more remarkable, more powerful, or more influential in the daily lives of citizens throughout the world than television. That influence grows daily as more and more areas of the world have access to television and the number of televisions per household increases. The average household has the television set turned on 8 hours and 14 minutes daily. For many children, Television has become the second parent, and to some, more powerful and influential even than their real life parents. The average time children, adolescents and young adults spend watching TV each day is two to four hours.

To say that television programming has a profound social impact is a great understatement. Television can be a source of good or evil. At its best, it is educational and entertaining. At worst, it is prurient and frightening. It can be provocative, but it can also be mind numbing, as well.

Harm from television programming is hotly debated in some quarters. The question of whether television programming harms, and that is a question with which the world is wrestling now, is, in my judgment, really a question of whether television programming influences. Shows depicting violence, sex, and profanity influence. Television shapes the attitudes, outlook, and morality of its viewers. This is not mere conjecture; advertisers know this and are willing to pay vast sums of money because of it.

Erotic films are everywhere as illustrated by (Struthers, 2009) “I put on self imposed blinders as I wade through tantalizing advertisements with Victoria’s Secret models in the margins of my weather forecast. My Internet service provider’s homepage is littered with dating services (“Hot Single Girls in Your Neighbourhood Looking for Love!”) and my sports websites have galleries of scantily clad cheerleaders. If I watch a soccer match on television with my children, I have to be vigilant to change the channel when commercials for Viagra are aired. In a world that has been hyper sexualized, it is hard to get through the day without being battered and numbed by the intrusions of erotic films.” This is further confirmed by (Sarracino & Scott, 2008, p. xii) “porn is a cultural trend affecting all age groups, all races, and all classes, and that virtually every aspect of ordinary day-to-day life is being shaped by porn. It’s not, then, much that porn has become mainstream, which we often hear, as that the mainstream has become porned. Increasingly…we live porn in our daily lives.

Although, this study is on erotic movies, it should be noted that erotic movie has no clear definition “What’s erotic to you is art to me,” Erotic is in the eye of the beholder. Many argue that what is erotic is culturally defined and that culture changes. Erotic refers to art or literature intended to arouse sexual desire by portraying sex in an explicit way. It is a synonym of pornography, sexually explicit material (SEM) and porn. In this paper it would be used interchangeably with those terms.

Logically, worldwide there have been thousands of studies about the television’s sexual content showing that the share of sexual scenes on TV is very high, from cartoons to sports news. Television, which has an enormous influence on the audience, holds a great responsibility for the education of the people. The...

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