Equal Rights for Lgbt

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, LGBT Pages: 3 (1098 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Equal Rights for LGBT
For many years, homosexuals have been discriminated because of their sexual orientation. There are parents who teach their children to look down on homosexuality and that it is seen unnatural. But that was before, now the new generation is still growing so they make their own decisions. This generation is more open-minded and more accepting to new ideas. Homosexuals should be able to live with the same equal rights as everyone in America since this is the country considered the “Land of the Free” or the “Mixing Pot.” African-Americans fought for equal rights and Hispanics fought for equal rights; then why can’t homosexuals also fight? If America wants to live up to their reputation then homosexuals should have equality.

The ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) is trying to spread its influence to the whole country. The ENDA is an act that promotes equal opportunity and eliminating discrimination. Shari Hutchinson, a support officer at a child support office, was denied a promotion because of her sexual orientation. Sexuality has nothing to do with their skills, intelligence and education. Hutchinson had 20 years of work experience and a masters degree and was still denied a promotion. She tried to sue her employer but it took four years of effort for a judge to allow her to sue. In the end, she and her colleagues were demoted from their jobs. “Discrimination is expensive,” said Jennifer Pizer (Tate). Pizer refers workers suing their employers because of low pay, denied promotions and unfair treatment.

Homosexuals should not have the same jobs as everyone else and having the ENDA may end up worse than you think. There isn’t the issue of homosexuals but also transgender. “Without containing an explicit exclusion, persons with these conditions will have a certain degree of protection under ENDA." said Labor lawyer Dudley Rochelle (Stachelburg). Workers may complain that a transgender man should use the woman’s restroom since he...

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