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Research Project Proposal
Tablet PC becomes Common Uses in Our Present Life|

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Critique of Journal Articles3
Journal Article One (Tablet Computing)3
Journal Article Two (Tablet PCs in school)4
Overview of the research project5
Research Questions5
Research Method5
Pilot Test Run6
References List8


This Research Project is to help me gain real appreciation for research through my experience. It is designed to let student to select an interested topic for a research project. The topic I am chosen is “Tablet PC becomes Common Uses in Our Present Life”.

In now days compare tablet pc to ordinary computers, tablets by design are comparatively lightweight and relatively easy to carry around. Many of them may still be too heavy to hold in one hand, but they're great in your lap or on a surface. Tablet PC is become more and more useful in many areas, such as school, business, organization, government etc. Using tablet to browse the Web is much easier than getting up, going to your desk, and booting up your computer. Even laptops, which are supposed to be mobile devices, can take a while to start, and they often get hot after a short period of use. There are many advantages by using tablet PC. For example firstly, the ability to capture and store personalized input such as diagrams, mathematical and scientific equations and similar forms of input. Secondly, Faster and effortless navigation via touch screen, by using finger touch than keyboard or mouse. Finally, the flat form factor of a tablet PC makes it easier for users to work on any surface and display presentations. It also increases interaction with other people in the work environment.

In this research project, the purpose is to find out the primary information and advantages about people using tablet PC and why people like it. The devices which I will use in this research project are iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. These two devices have the best usability according to the statics. The devices are both using touch screen for controlling purpose and with multi features.

I am very interesting in this topic, because I think tablet PC is an amazing product and growing technology. It is a technology that continuing improving in current world, I really want to research and know more about tablet PC, I want to find out how different people feel about using tablet PC, how tablet PC has enhanced for us, why people like to use tablet PC and why not. The reason for why this topic is relevant and interesting to others is because I think tablet PC will take over laptop in the future. I think people will use tablet PC rather than take laptop to work and study every day.

Critique of Journal Articles
Journal Article One (Tablet Computing)

This journal article was written by Anita Bhattacharya & Beeba Mary Thomas. This article is basically about the primary information of tablet PC and different types of table and advantages of tablet PC compare with Laptops. From this journal article I have gained more knowledge about tablet PC, and these knowledge can be very useful for me to achieve this research project.

According to the article, the primary advantage of the tablet PC is that it is lighter than most laptops. They are also smaller in size, which means we can take them quite easily put under your arm from one place to another. In now days, tablet PC has becoming used in many fields, such as school classroom, business conference and design. There are many different types of tablet PC on the market, according to the article author has defined three of them. There are Convertible Tablet PC, Slate Tablet PC and Hybrid Tablet PC. Firstly Convertible tablet PC is similar to conventional laptops except the display screen is attached to the base of the computer at a signal junction. Secondly, he mentioned that Slate tablet PCs are similar in appearance to a writing slate and do not...

References: List
MobileDemand. (2004). The Benefits of Standardizing on Rugged Tablet PCs for Retail Mobility.
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