Emotional Maturity for Effective Community Living

Pages: 13 (4518 words) Published: August 22, 2013

We are living in the world of today which is very fast in growth and development. Today we the religious face lot of challenges from the world. We have to come across people with different temperaments and the religious require à lot of patience at times to handle their emotions and to do the ministry more effectively. As a religious person we need to move from place to place and we enter in to a new culture, language and people. We the religious come from different parts of the world. We have come with our own family background, culture and language. This makes the religious community life more challenging, beautiful and enriching. And often we do not know how to control or manage our emotions. At this juncture, I am trying to make a study of the different types of emotions which create problem within oneself and with others.

Chapter one I shall present the various kinds of problems that affect the community members when they live together. I shall to explain it in its diverse aspects.

The second chapter of my dissertation explains the different kinds of emotions and their causes. When any one of this is predominant in the person it creates a lot of problem to herself and also destroys the peace of mind of the other members of the community. It can be a great block to the person to grow in interpersonal relationships with the community members and with the people in general.

In chapter three having made an attempt to go deeper into the various kinds of emotions which cause problems to the persons, I made an effort to find ways and to means for growing in emotional maturity remedies and solutions to the emotional problems which will help the religious to handle the situations in a healthy way and live a harmonious life in the community and in the society.




It is the birthright of every human person to live a happy and contented life. This is more so true in the life of a religious consecrated person, who has ‘left everything’ to follow the Lord by living with other consecrated persons and thus forming a religious community. Ideally then, it is the wish and prayer of the community that their life be an authentic witness and response to the call they have received from the Lord.

For an effective community life and ministry, there is a greater need for emotional maturity which is the surest way of becoming and being happy. When a few members come together to live under one roof, sharing many things in common, there are ample opportunities for interpersonal exchange, which allow others to enter the personal ‘space’ of oneself and the other. Such interactions and sharing might some times create an atmosphere of jealousy, selfishness and self-centered behaviour. If the members have a certain level of emotional maturity many problems could be avoided and/or conflicts easily solved and carry on with life.

So in this first chapter, my attempt is to understand what emotions are all about, the context of our religious life in which we are to live those emotions, and some of the emotional problems that we come across and have to live with.

1.1. Understanding Emotions
Emotions can be defined as just a feeling or sensation caused by a person’s perception about something or someone. Emotions are felt physically. ”Emotion involves the affective or feeling part of experience. We feel emotional. Yet feelings are closely related to thinking since thinking certain thoughts can produce positive or negative emotions ” (Minirth & Frank, 1991). Positive emotions are experienced and expressed through our body the way we relate through our encouraging and soothing words. Some examples of positive emotions are interest, enthusiasm, laughter, empathy, action, curiosity, wonder, tenderness, surprise, love joy, and peace. Negative emotions are expressed through our verbal and non verbal...
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