Effects of Student Government to Academics

Topics: University, Education, High school Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Effect of Student Government to Academics

The idea of putting leadership related organizations in every high school has establish a great array of opportunity for young and aspiring students to become a good leader of their generation. Supreme Student Government is now a popular institution that later on became a great part of student’s academics. Being part of the said organization, it was an absolute opportunity for me. Students do look for someone to whom they could relate and could count on in terms of their ideas, problems and academic needs inside school premises. So, it became my responsibility to know and identify every edge of the problem to be solved as a student leader. Yes, it wasn’t that easy for I am a student as well and I have to attend classes like an ordinary one to meet all the needed requirements to pass. But carrying a title of “president” in the world of politics isn’t a joke. You have to be vigilant in all your actions and words because one mistake could destroy one’s trust and hope. When you are a president of a prestige organization where big expectations awaits, you should know how to balance and perfect every aspect of yourself, the way you dress up properly, the way you speak in the public, and the hardest one, is to maintain an excellent standing in terms of academics. That has been a tough time for me, despite of the burning passion inside me; after all I’m just human and not some kind of “Einstein”. I wanted to attend my everyday classes but the responsibility that was tied to me won’t let me. I should give priority to becoming a good leader and putting my fellow student’s welfare first than myself. And in my case, I wasn’t a very intelligent individual who could not attend classes and would still perfect an exam. I also have that kind of flaws. There are problems that I encounter during my term but I can say that all of it was worth facing...
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