Effects of Modernization and Technology on Hr Practices

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Effects of Modernization and Technology on HR Practices

In the very near future, Human Resources managers will be judged on their ability to get employees to link up successfully and to help the company make the most out of their ideas. In the face of massive and rapid change in the business environment backed by liberalization of economy, globalization of business, modernization of technology and large scale employment, a need exists for a fresh look at the Human Resources.

Nowadays, digital is no longer exclusive only for IT and Marketing departments. It is also becoming relevant to Human Resources, whose job nowadays is not limited to spotting, recruiting and developing individual talent. The HR professionals of today need to be able to “create links and foster collaboration between employees” as well, said Yves Grandmontagne, HR Director at Microsoft France. One of the main characteristics of a modernized HR management is that people in this field possess the primary objective of creating a constructive work environment where employees will be encouraged to dedicate themselves to their work. An example would be enforcing strict policies regarding the employees’ behavior. For instance, all employees may go through frequent trainings in which they learn about language and actions that are up to standard and even encouraged, in opposition to ways of behaving which can lead to a negative workplace. The main point is that a modernized leader must be someone who can connect people and place him/herself at their service, helping to speed up and guide the flow of information between them. The product will be a networked organization, in which digital channels will wipe out hierarchical limits.

In relation to this, the Human Resources need to be flexible and scalable because it will enable them to manage every aspect of employment. They must be able to store all HR data for each employee, supervise timekeeping, carry out accurate administration of benefits,...

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