Effects of Computers to Studies

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A research submitted to the mid-school faculty of
Victorious Christian Montessori School Foundation Inc.,
#323 Brgy San Gabriel, Blk. 4, Congressional Road, GMA, Cavite

In partial fulfillment of the requirement
For the graduation in secondary level

Isaac Raphael V. Gallarin
Kenneth Jan M. Sale
Luis Enzo G. Lozano
John Barry Gabieta

IV – Ezekiel

The Problem and its Background

Statement of the Problem
Significance of the Study
Definition of Terms
Scope and Limitation
Conceptual Framework


The Problem and its Background
I. Introduction
It cannot be denied that different forms of technology have been linked to our daily lives, especially to the new generation. The current society relies on a vast technical infrastructure every day. Computers and the internet have shaped who others have become. Indeed, technology has revolutionized the lives of many; but is it for better or for worse? In this research, we will show how computer revolutionized and shaped the lives of all.

Computer technology has had its positive and negative effects. Users can benefit through the usage of computers. They can get additional knowledge regarding the information they know. They can also use it to connect to other people online and through social networking sites. Others use it as a tool for enjoyment, entertainment, and for business purposes. But, it also has its negative effects. Users can get many health-related issues like: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, eye strain, radiation effects and gain more weight. It can also cause you to have anti-social behaviors. For students, it is likely to lose focus on their studies and spend more time playing the computer. And for that, the researchers recommend a manageable time spent in the computer.

The use of computers has given a great learning opportunity not only to students but to the ordinary person on the street, the stay-at-home parent, the senior citizens of the community and even to little children. Computers are really helping everyone with just one click. In this research, we will find out how wide the influence of computers to all people from different walks of life.

In this research, we will discover and learn the various benefits and drawbacks of the use of computers in education. We aim to discover its effects, good and bad, to the present generation. By so doing, we will be able to determine the results and arrive at a conclusion.

II. Statement of the Problem
This is research entitled “THE EFFECTS OF THE USE OF COMPUTER TO STUDIES” seeks to answer the following questions: 1. What are the positive effects of the use of computer? 2. What are the negative effects of the use of computer? 3. How can the use of computer affect your studies?

III. Hypothesis
* The use of computer in studies yields positive results. * When properly used, computers are a helpful tool.

IV. Significance of the Study
The following groups of people are the ones who will benefit from this research.
Students – The students are the main focus of this research, thus, it aims to help them by providing them information regarding the usage of computer that can be linked to their everyday lives. They are the most likely to use the computer for purposes like research, connecting with friends, entertainment, and games. Through this research the students will know the advantages and disadvantages that the use of computer brings.

Employees – This research may be beneficial to the employees because it will enhance their knowledge on important subjects regarding the use of computer.
Teachers – Being partners of the students in the learning process, teachers will have to know how it affects the performance of their students by linking into education the usage of computer.
Community – This research can provide certain information on the study...
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