Effects of Computers on Society

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Computer and Internet Effects on Society
In today’s society the world could not function 10 minutes without the technology it has readily available for its inhabitants. The world today is too depended on the convienience that these products of future abilities offer. They make entertainment, work, social networking, education, and communication so much easier. However, there are some significant negative effects like, eye sight problems, social problems, and general laziness issues. The question is, do computers and internet benefit or devastate society.

Computers and internet has advanced humanity in various ways. One way includes typing papers. Before computers were invented people had to use typewriters which were much slower and if the writer made a mistake, he or she would have to cover it up with white ink rather than “backspacing”. Another example of something that computers and the internet have changed, is the way people are entertained. Not only can a person play games on a computer, but they can also watch movies, socialize, find new people, listen to music, and create extremely awing works of art. Also before computers and the internet, the only way of gaining knowledge was literally through others; speeches or reading articles, books, magazines, or any other printed document. Now, computers and the internet makes all of this incredibly convenient. In today’s society people more than likely could not even function without the internet, let alone gain knowledge because more and more kids are reading less and less books due to the internet.

In most ways computers are beneficial to society, one major way is through that of the work force. In general, a computer makes typing, which is needed by nearly every profession in one way or another, easier to do. Computers are much faster than old typewriters and obviously faster than hand writing anything. Another reason why they make typing more convenient is the backspace key. Back when it...
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