Effects of Computers on People's Live

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Below is a free essay on "Effect of Computer on Our Lives" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The computer technology industry is rapidly growing.Because of that growth and change of computer technology many people instantly adapt to the changes. There are many effects of computers on our everyday lives such as computer technology has made our lives a lot of easier and convenient, helped a lot of business to better serve community and easier to social communication.                            First, the effects of computers on our everyday live are computer technology has made our lives a lot of easier and convenient. For example, when people need to instance our banking needs, people had to manually file the important data of their customer, now with have computer, people just use the computer to find these data. Besides that people easily use computer to shopping. They like shopping online because we don’t waste time. We just click button, and then we can get anything we want.                            Secondly,   computers facilitates business to better serve community. Long time ago, we need writing letter if we want give information to other, but nowadays with computers technology, we have e-mails, and live chat, or even voice mails. In addition, we already have video calling in which we would able to see persons that we are talking to. This application would really great for people who have ones that are away from home.                            Lastly, the effect of computers on our everyday live is easier to connect each other and social communication. Example whenever we have facebook account, we just use that social communication to connect each other. If we use phone, we need to buy credit or postpaid. It just wastes our money. Therefore, using computer is better than phone. Moreover, we can collect many friends through computers.                           In conclusion, using computer make our...
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