Economic Growth & Sustainability

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Economic Growth Effects on Sustainability


Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
Financial Impacts of Growth Economies on Prosperity6
Current and future investment vision and strategies6
Transition to sustainability6
Environmental quality improvement through economic tools6
New industries, profits and jobs7
Environmental and human quality improved with poverty reduction7
Valuing and monitoring services of the environment and ecology7 Ecological Impacts of Growth Economies on Prosperity8
Pollution in the air8
Current and future investment vision and strategies8
Aquatic changes9
Current and future investment vision and strategies9
Current and future investment vision and strategies9
Human health10
Current and future investment vision and strategies10
Current and future investment vision and strategies10
Current and future investment vision and strategies11

Executive Summary

Economic growth has been a key element of GDP especially for the poorer nations. Yet, does the same goal apply to richer nations? Although developed countries provide more income and benefits per capita, richer and poorer nations both experience poverty and unemployment. Therefore, prosperity to the individual as well as businesses lies in the environment and society. This report will provide insight towards global issues as well as visions and strategies towards prosperity, by revealing the financial and ecological effects of economic growth.


CEO of The Colourful Corporation is concerned with the investments impact on environmental sustainability and its impacts. She is worried that protection and continuation of economic growth is unsustainable ecologically as well as financially. She questions the idea of prosperity being possible with continuous growth and if prosperity is possible as well without growth.


Provide CEO of the Colourful Corporation with a 3000-word report on a future vision and strategy she could consider for a sustainable Colourful Corporation.

Financial Impacts of Growth Economies on Prosperity

Economic growth and prosperity have a direct relationship to employment. Rich and poor nations who have arrived at or are working towards economic growth both share low employment. Growth nations allow individuals to not experience decline in income, while a nation without growth does not even allow income in the first place. In fact, a nation without economic growth barely provides its population with the subsidies to meet their minimal needs (Webb & Albert, 2010: 51).

Current and future investment vision and strategies

Investment at either small or large scale is required to help countries that are developing become sustainable economies. “If emerging economies have to relive the entire industrial revolution with all its waste, its energy use and pollution, I think it’s all over” said Robert B. Shapiro, former CEO of Monsanto.

Transition to sustainability

“Leave the world better than you found it, take no more than you need, try not to harm life or the environment, and make amends if you do.” Paul Hawken who is an environmentalist, entrepreneur and author.

Economies with sustainable environments make a transition towards sustainability. One way is to maintain a measurement system for resources, pollution, ecology, population and economics. The system includes actions such as rewarding behavior that is earth sustaining, using full-cost pricing strategies; poverty reduction; eco-labels use on products; improvements of efficiency in energy; reduction of waste and use of resources and preservation of bio-diversity. Inequality reduction rises with human capital as well as technological investments (Guiga & Rejeb, 2012: 471).

Economies progress via management of resources through human development and economic integration that are...

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