Deaf and Blind

Topics: Cochlea, Hearing impairment, Cochlear implant Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: August 21, 2013
There are many causes of blindness and deafness. Many are present and occur around the time a child is born which includes prematurity, childbirth complication, and numerous congenital syndromes, most of which are quite rare. Deafness and blindness may also occur later in childhood or during adulthood due to causes such as meningitis, brain injury, or inherited conditions such as Usher Syndrome that causes hearing loss and progressive vision loss. Education is the most important treatment in helping the deaf and blind. Children who are deaf and blind require special teaching methods. These methods are taught in special education classrooms, separate schools, or residential facilities. Each state has federally funded technical assistance programs that provide training and support to families and educators with the assessment and education of infants, children, and youth who are deaf and blind. Technology has the capacity to help and enrich many lives especially those who are blind and deaf. Audio books for the blind are just one example on how it helps the blind. These books allow the blind community to obtain information, hear stories, and stay current with the world’s news. One of the most exciting advances in technology for the blind comes in the form of new and better voice recognition software. There are also new breakthroughs in the medical science field that can help people see better and function in everyday life. The type of surgery available depends on several different factors, including the age of the patient and their level of blindness. With surgery, perfect sight may never be achieved, but new modern measures put in place can help people see better than before. There are also many technological and surgical advances in dealing with deafness. From computers to cochlear implants to hair cell regeneration, technology that assists people with hearing loss has grown in recent years and will continue to grow in the future. I chose...
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