Dds Letter of Recommendation Requirement

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Letter of Recommendation Requirements 2012-13:

University of Alabama at Birmingham
* Prehealth Advisor/Committee Letter (required if available) or * Two letters of recommendation from college professors
* Note: UAB requires these be sent directly to them, in addition to your AADSAS application, however they recommend that OOS applicants wait until contacted before sending anything directly. * Source:

Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health
* Applicants must provide a minimum of two (2) letters of recommendation. * They must be from a Science Faculty or Committee Letter * and a Dentist.
* Source:

Midwestern University
* Submit three letters of recommendation.
* One must be from either a pre-dental advisory committee or a science professor. * The others, preferentially, should be from either someone with a DO/MD, DDS/DMD degree and/or someone who can testify to the integrity and ethical standards of the applicant. * Note: Family members are not acceptable.

* Source:

University of California, Los Angeles
* Substantive letters of recommendation (minimum of 3) from any objective source. * Note: Letters from objective sources who are familiar with your accomplishments could include employers, supervisors where you have volunteered, as well as college teachers, college recommendation committees, college counselors, and other appropriate individuals. If you have had significant involvement in research, a letter from your research supervisor is desirable * Source: and

University of California, San Francisco
* You must also send to AADSAS three letters of recommendation. * One letter should be written by a college science professor, * one by a dentist with whom you have volunteered, or an advisor / researcher / mentor; * and one from an individual of your choice.

* Or, you may have one composite letter sent from a pre-professional health advisory committee in lieu of the three required letters. * Source:

Loma Linda University
* Three letters of reference
* Spiritual leader,
* science professor or pre–professional committee
* and employer
* Source:

University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni
* Three letters of evaluation
* If your undergraduate institution has a pre-health advisory committee, a committee evaluation is recommended. * Otherwise you must submit two letters of evaluation from science instructors * and an additional letter from a health care professional or employer. * Source:

University of Southern California Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry * Two letters of recommendation are required from lecture-based science professors in biology, chemistry, or physics. * We highly recommend that one of the letters be from a DDS. * A committee letter may be substituted if your undergraduate institution offers this service. * Note: Letters from research or lab-based professors will not meet the requirement; the letters must be written based on your performance in the lecture component of class. * Source:

Western University of Health Sciences
* Obtain one (1) letter of recommendation from your undergraduate institution's pre-professional committee; or * Obtain three (3) letters of recommendation:
* Two (2) letters of recommendation from science professors * One (1) letter of recommendation from a dentist or another...
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