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1. Introduction2
2. Understanding the concept of the theory by answering
Questions 1 – 422 - 12
3. Conclusion13
4. Bibliography14

1. Introduction:
This movie is about how families and friends cope with a mental illness. With the help of Dr Berman, it is clear how to be able to unravel Lars’s needs in a slow pace. Her focus is on her professional, yet intimate relationship with Lars. The movie teaches us how we should not hope for a life without problems or obstacles but rather see them as opportunities to grow in our capacity to love and be kind. 

2. Understanding the concepts and the theory by answering questions 1 to 48

1. What are your initial thoughts / impressions of Lars?
Lars is shy young man, it seems that he wants to be alone and do not want to socialize or interact with anybody, especially his family. It is clear that he was not interested in a close relationship or being part of family. He preferred spending time by himself.

2. How do we know the girl in the choir (Margo) is interested in Lars? Margo looked at Lars in a sweet way during the church. It is obvious that she likes him when you look at her facial expressions.

3. What kind of communication is referred to in questions 2? Facial expressions and body messages.

4. Why do you think Lars avoids people? Which propositions apply? I think Lars avoids people because he is an introvert and because he lost his parents so early in life and he tries to be accepted but fears rejection. That is maybe the reason of Bianca. He knows that she will never reject him. The proposition referred to is Proposition 5: Need and behaviour.

5. What belief or value does Lars convey when he asks Gus and Karin if Bianca can stay with them? Proposition/theory? Lars believes that Bianca is very religious and he feels that it will only be right if they sleep separately. I think that Lars thought about Bianca’s morals and he respected her boundaries. Lars’s intentions with Bianca are pure. Proposition 10: values, own and adopted from other people.

6. How does Dr Berman manage to have “sessions” with Lars? What is your opinion of this in terms of person-centred theory? For Dr Berman, a good start off point would be for Lars to keep Bianca’s visits every week in order for her to consult with Lars. By arranging sessions for Bianca, Lars felt relaxed talking to Dr Berman, as he knew Bianca was nearby. Never once did Lars suspect that Dr Berman purposely got him to keep Bianca’s appointments. Dr Berman created a safe environment where Lars was free to express himself and explore himself in depth. According to my understanding Dr Berman created a safe space (according to Proposition 17).

7. How does Lars’s behaviour change after Bianca arrives? Lars started communicating more. He felt more secure in having company and he shared it with his family. He felt accepted by all people in town as they never once rejected Bianca. He no longer hides in his flat but communicated more through Bianca. He did not spend so much time alone anymore.

Lars started taking steps towards dealing with others, attending family dinners and even parties on the request of Bianca.

Lars gradually departed from his baby blanket as he improved himself by dealing with his problems. By the time of Bianca’s funeral, the blanket was gone.

8. Which professional values does Dr Berman portray when she first meets Lars and Bianca? Which propositions/theory applies? Dr Berman accepted Lars as a person, as every person has the right to respect and esteem. She understood Lars’s problem. Dr Berman acted according to the concept of unconditional positive regard, as she relates to Lars’s needs, feelings and behaviour. Dr Berman seems to...
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