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1.Course No.-PGPM 13
2.Course Title-Construction Personnel Management
3.Assignment No.-One

You are a Project Manager on a site where works for 3KM long Tunnel has been undertaken. The site is remote and takes about 2 days travel to nearest town. Supervisors, technicians and skilled workers are engaged in dangerous / hazardous work. Absenteeism due to sickness, quarrels, drinking are adding to less output of work and chances of accident on the site are increasing. Management has urged to do something so that time target can be achieved. Discuss how will you tackle the problem and increase the output of the work.

First of all as a Project manager, find proper reasons and investigate the things according to situation at work front. After investigating following probable reasons are found due to which output of workers at site are getting down. In this situation project manager has to play a vital role of personnel management.

1. Consuming Alcohol:
It is found that several laborers are consuming excessive low-grade quality wine, which is available nearby of labor’s colony and construction site. It is due to consumption of such cheap quality alcohol, laborer’s are loosing control on their behavior, attitude towards work, and heath. As it happens at almost all working sites, there is a big ring of wine mafias who encourage their own illegal business nearby such places. It is difficult to tackle such problem but not impossible. This also becomes a reason for frequent quarrels between consumer’s own family as well as outsiders. Actions:

• Convince laborers not to consume alcohol or other addictives, which drastically impact their physical as well as mental strength. • Arrange awareness programs, plays, visual shows on such themes and subjects. Such programs definitely would help people to seek a right path to do right things. • If possible ask administration dept. to talk to these wine selling personnel’s either to stop or at least limit their sale per individal. • Take assistance from local police authorities if necessary towards controlling nearby wine sellers. 2. Hygienic condition:

Labor’s colonies are generally not up to the standard from hygienic point of view. Labors living in such unhygienic environments are liable to frequent health problems.

• Proper sanitary facilities are not provided in labor colony, • People do not use dustbins provided by management, and throw garbage, kitchen sludge anywhere in colony, which worsens the situation and is also a reason for frequent quarrels between labors. • Many potholes are found in labor colony, which is a breeding space for infections. • Same water is provided for drinking purpose as well as for domestic use. All this results in unhygienic living conditions and leads to outbreak of epidemic within the labor community. Apart from this, as the labor are relocated away from their home, can’t enjoy social life and hence feel homesick. This also has an effect on their performance. Some of these problems can be solved by taking some precursory measures, Such as : • Open an additional office as, Safety Health and Environment – SHE center at labor colony. • Appoint a doctor as health officer and introduce routine weekly / fortnight health check up for all labors at SHE center. • Introduce Compulsory vaccination to all workers foreseeing possibilities of an epidemic outbreak. Keep some emergency treatment medicines, Snake bite kits, dressing facility etc. readily available all the camp. Free condom distribution.

• Construct a separate water tank for drinking purpose and timely cleaning of water tank....
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