Constitution Reflect the Founders' Respect for What

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. The Constitution reflects the Founders’ respect for what?

The Constitution reflects the Founders’ respect for fundamental freedoms. Fundamental freedoms are the freedom of speech, due process, freedom of religion, equal protection of the law, and protecting citizens from cruel and unusual punishment. When the founders wrote the Constitution they were ensuring that future generations have something to build on, but at the same time they should have their own ideals but use the Constitution as a guideline.

2. What court case established the process of judicial review with its ruling by the Supreme Court? Explain why this was significant.

The court case that established the process of judicial review with its ruling by the Supreme Court was Marbury v. Madison. This case was significant because it make the judges the official interpreters of the Constitution. It also gives citizens the changes to challenge laws that are written by Congress and approved by the President. If the citizens are not able to get a bill through Congress they are able to present their case in front of the Supreme Court.

3. What methods are available to amend the Constitution?

There are two methods available to amend the Constitution: 1) Two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress, 2) Congress holding a convention. Since the constitution has been put in place only the vote of two-thirds of the both houses has been use to amend the Constitution and 27 was been ratified. Congress has never held a convention to amend the Constitution. Congress under Article V can call a convention without the permission of the President.

4. Describe and explain the system of checks and balances. Give examples.

According to the text, checks and balances is a constitutional grant of powers that enables each of the three branches of government to check some acts of the other and therefore ensures that no branch can dominate (Magleby, Light, & Nemacheck, 2011). Since the legislative branch...

Bibliography: Magleby, D. B., Light, P. C., & Nemacheck, C. L. (2011). Government by the People. Boston, MA: Pearson.
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