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Topics: Operating system, User, Personal computer Pages: 3 (382 words) Published: October 8, 2013
A term that describes a non-technical kind of intrusion that relies heavily on human interaction and trickery. A) Social Engineering
B) Phishing
C) Brute Force
D) Hacking
E) Cracking
Points Earned:1.0/1.0
Correct Answer(s):A

You are working on a computer, which of the following activities are restricted according to our Acceptable Use Policy: A) Creating a folder on your desktop
B) Using a USB device on the computer
C) Saving child pornography on the hard drive
D) Adding a screensaver that comes with Windows
E) Installation of approved software
Points Earned:1.0/1.0
Correct Answer(s):C

Two or maybe three students may have the same username but a different password. A) True
B) False
Points Earned:1.0/1.0
Correct Answer(s):False

Which of the following methods IS NOT a way to distribute or notify users of the Acceptable Use Policy? A) E-mail Notifications
B) Signed Document
C) A training session with signed attendance form
D) Welcome banner on web sites
E) Pop-up Click-through
Points Earned:1.0/1.0
Correct Answer(s):A

System attacks or viruses sometimes play on computer weaknesses. Which of the following is the most common requirement for a virus to run? A) It is a fresh installation of the operating system
B) The computer is using a Windows operating system
C) The computer system is unpatched or not updated
D) The operating system installed came with the computer
E) The computer system is owned by a new operator
Points Earned:1.0/1.0
Correct Answer(s):C

The password "0urDayWillC0me" is a strong password.
A) True
B) False
Points Earned:1.0/1.0
Correct Answer(s):True

A document that defines technologies used at an organization, who owns them and how they are used. A) End User License Agreement (EULA)
B) Acceptable Use Policy
C) Student Handbook
D) Technology Plan
Points Earned:1.0/1.0
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