Computers in the Workplace

Topics: MacBook, Laptop, Operating system Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: September 14, 2013

Computers in the Workplace
Computers have become one of the most used devices in the workplace. Whether it’s the intern just working a summer job, or the CEO, the computer is used in every level of a company. These devices are used in many ways to include typing reports, creating and editing websites, making presentations, or just browsing the internet. However, when it comes to providing the employee with the right laptop, it all comes down to the best value. While there are many different brands and even more models, I will focus on three very useful, high performance laptops. The focus will be on the features, specifications, and pricing, all to determine which computer would be best for the company as a whole.

To begin with, Dell has been a powerhouse for many years. The Inspiron series has been a staple for the company since the beginning of the laptop era. The model that will be discussed is the Inspiron 15R laptop. This laptop has many of the features that a company would be looking for in regards to employees. Coming equipped with an i5 Intel processor, this device has the speed it needs to multitask for even the overworked employee. In addition the internal memory of the device has a 500 GB internal hard drive. This allows for an employee to store almost everything they need to get the job done. Equipped with the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, the employee is easily able to navigate the computer and its many programs. A major perk of the device is the 1.0 megapixel stationary webcam. This allows for HD video conferencing and chats between departments and staff. In addition, the 6 cell battery allows for much portability, increasing productivity. And last, this particular design has the ability for personalization with the customizable lids that can be switched, allowing for less confusion when the devices are shut and sitting next to a co-worker’s. This device sells for the...
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