Computers in 2020

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Thinking about the future is the thing that takes a lot of our time and efforts being computer oriented. We have to imagine, try to figure out what the future will bring us. We are supposed to lead our generation in looking for new and life enhancing technologies to make man's life easier and more enjoyable.

How will it look like?

[pic]THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION THAT CAME TO OUR MINDS. • Will we be able to talk to our computers in the future? • Will they respond freely?
• Can they understand us and do what we need before we ask for them? • Will screens be always touch sensitive?
• Can computers of the future read our minds and maybe face expressions? Although we are not sure, but we will have to wait to see

Environmental Friendly?

WILL COMPUTERS IN THE FUTURE HELP PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT AND MAKE OUR LIFE BETTER OR WILL THEY DESTROY OUR NATURE? Will the rapidly advancing technology make our life easier and more enjoyable and help us live a better life, or will they lead to the destruction of mankind? A lot of controversy arises when this topic is discussed in any community, so what do you think?

2020 – Future of Computing

In this focus:

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In the last two decades advances in computing technology, from processing speed to network capacity and the internet, have revolutionized the way scientists work. From sequencing genomes to monitoring the Earth's climate, many recent scientific advances would not have been possible without a parallel increase in computing power - and with revolutionary technologies such as the quantum computer edging towards reality, what will the relationship between computing and science bring us over the next 15 years? This Nature web focus combines commentaries from leading scientists and news features analysis from journalists assessing how computing science concepts and techniques may transform mainstream science by 2020. Visit's newsblog to read and post comments on the future of computing. Image: Joe Magee

|Future Computers |Computers of Tomorrow | |[pic] |Today's computers operate using transistors, wires and electricity. Future | |  |computers might use atoms, fibers and light. Personally, I don't give a | |The Personal Computer Assistant |byte what makes it tick, as long as it does the job. If I could | |[pic] |accidentally spill my coffee and not have it cost $848, that would be a | | |cool feature. | |I must admit that in some ways I envy Donald Trump. Not because of all the real |But let us assume that you are not still bitter from a recent laptop | |estate he owns or even for his cool private helicopter. No, what I envy most about |replacement. You might stop to consider what the world might be like, if | |"The Donald" is his apprentice. Who wouldn't appreciate giving any chore that comes |computers the size of molecules become a reality. These are the types of | |to mind, to an eager and competent assistant? After time, a good apprentice might |computers that could be everywhere, but never seen. Nano sized | |even anticipate your needs. "Pink tie today, Mr. Trump?". Now apply this same kind |bio-computers that could target specific areas inside your body. Giant | |of relationship model to the future of computing....

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|possible solutions to a computational problem.  [pic] |A Glimpse at the Future of DNA: |
|[pic] |M.D. 's Inside the Body |
|Living computers |DNA basis for new generation of computers |
|Researchers genetically engineered the bacterium E. coli to coax its DNA into computing |DNA computers to fight diseases |
|a classic mathematical puzzle known as the burned pancake problem.  [pic] |Computer Made from DNA and Enzymes |
| |Will Future Computers Be Made of DNA |
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