Computers effect on the world

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Impact of Computers

Try to imagine a world without computers. Without Facebook and Twitter. Without google and research websites. Without Microsoft Word and PowerPoints. These are all things that we use regularly every day and if there had been no computer technology, we wouldn’t have any of them. In 1975, there were only 50,000 computers sold globally but in 2011, there were 355.2 million computers sold (“Computer Sales Statistics”). 36 years and 305.2 million computers later, our lives practically revolve around computers and technology similar to them (e.g. smartphones and tablets). There are many ways they affect how we live such as our jobs, health, and socially. Therefore, as they’ve gained popularity, computers have had a big impact on our daily lives. Firstly, when technology began to advance computers were integrated into many people’s jobs. Now, 62% of Americans use the Internet as a necessary part of their jobs (“Department of Commerce”). People such as doctors, scientists, businessmen, etc. have greatly benefited from technological innovations such as the PC. Documents, accounts, and emails aren’t easily lost. Charts, PowerPoints, and graphs can be made to present information. Laptops are portable and can be taken from place to place to continue work. In addition to jobs, computers have also affected people’s health. This popular technology is actually a major source of energy consumption. Not only that, they also contain harmful substances and when disposed of incorrectly, contribute to global warming. These substances

include mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, beryllium, and other toxics into the ground. An estimated 70% of discarded computers and monitors will eventually end up in landfills despite many state’s laws against it (“High-Tech Trash”). According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, an approximate 30-40 million PCs will be thrown out in each of the next few years (High-Tech Trash”). The reason for this is because there are...
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