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Computers have become such indispensable devices in the modern era that we cannot imagine life without computers. However, there have been different ideas on the benefits of computers. In my opinion, computers do more good than harm because they can make life easier and also can help our work become more systematically and productively. Firstly, computers give many advantages as they can make life easier. As a student, many works must be done by using computer such as assignment and presentation. As we all know, both of it must be complete by using software in the computer. Moreover, this device is enables us to search information from all over the world. Just by a click, all information needed is in front of our eyes. In addition, as workers, computers can help to do all work faster. For instance, if a worker wants to send something urgent to other workers, they just have to email to them instead of write it and passing by hand. Indeed, by using computers in our daily life it makes our works become easier. Secondly, computers help works become systematically and productively that will give benefits to the users. Works will become systematic because computers act as storage of important data. We can save all the data that we want without hesitate. Furthermore, computers can organize all data and information very well. For example, we can save our data according to what we want in each folder that we create ourselves. Besides that, computers also are a productive device as they can do more work in one time. We can open many documents at the same time. In short, computers give many benefits because they help our work become more systematically and productively. In conclusion, computers give more advantages than disadvantages to our life. They act as very useful devices to everyone because they make our life easier and make our works become more systematically and productively. People should use computers wisely and do not use it in the wrong ways.
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