computer waste

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The development, implementation, and maintenance of ISs constitute a large and growing part of the cost of doing business; protecting these resources is a primary concern. Managers and users at all levels play a major role in helping organizations achieve the positive benefits of IS. These people must also take the lead in helping to minimize or eliminate the negative consequences of poorly designed and improperly utilized information systems. For managers and users to have such an influence, they must be properly educated. This paper examines about computer waste and computer related mistakes and their causes; and the necessary measures to avoid them. 1. Introduction

Computers have become such valuable tools that today’s business people have difficulty imagining work without them. Yet the information age has also brought the following potential problems for workers, companies, and society in general: Computer waste and mistakes, Computer crime, Privacy issues, Work environment problems Ethical issue. Computer waste involves the inappropriate use of computer technology and resources. It" may be defined as discarded computers. This definition includes used computers which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling, or disposal. Computer technology is advancing at a rapid pace leaving users with older and obsolete equipment more quickly than ever.To remain profitable in a competitive environment, organizations must use all resources wisely. Preventing computer-related waste and mistakes should therefore be a goal. Today, nearly all organizations use some type of Computer Based Information System (CBIS). To employ IS resources efficiently and effectively, employees and managers alike should strive to minimize waste and mistakes. For this reason and numerous others, this paper highlights about computer waste and the need for necessary measures to manage this growing waste management issue. 2. Computer Waste

Computer waste is widespread in the public and private sectors, and is usually caused by the improper management of information technology. Some companies discard usable hardware and software that could be used elsewhere in the company, or sold or donated. Another example of computer waste occurs when significant resources are invested in the development of an information system, and then, it is never used to it fullest extent. This happens for many reasons, but poor design and inadequate training are major causes. Computer waste refers to the inappropriate use of computer technology and services. Cause: improper management of information systems and resources  Discarding old software and computer systems when they still have value  Building and maintaining complex systems that are never used to their fullest extent  Using corporate time and technology for personal use

 Spam
Some experts believe that computers waste up to half of the energy they consume and account for about 2% of worldwide energy usage. Some companies discard old software and computer systems when they still have value. Others waste corporate resources to build and maintain complex systems that are never used to their fullest extent. A less dramatic, yet still relevant, example of waste is the amount of company time and money employees can waste playing computer games, sending unimportant e-mail, or accessing the Internet. Junk e-mail, also called spam, and junk faxes also cause waste. People receive hundreds of e-mail messages and faxes advertising products and services not wanted or requested. Not only does this waste time, but it also waste paper and computer resources. Worse yet, spam messages often carry attached files with embedded viruses that can cause networks and computers to crash or allow hackers to gain unauthorized access to systems and data. 3. Computer Related Mistakes

Computer-related mistakes: errors, failures, and other computer problems that make computer output incorrect or not useful; caused mostly by human...
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