Computer Viruses Power Point Presentation

Topics: Computer virus, Computer worm, Computer Pages: 9 (267 words) Published: March 25, 2015
Computer Viruses
Denise Bates
CPET 1114-101
October 20,2014

Flow of Presentation

What Is a Computer Virus
How Can A Virus Come in
Contact With A Computer
Different Types of Viruses

What Is a Computer Virus
A computer virus is something that affects
everything on your computer.
 Computer viruses were first seen in the 1980’s
which came about of many features. The first
factor was the spread of personal computers (PCs)
 Viruses are basically brought into your computer
without knowing which is commonly known for
it to make a copy of itself on your computer
repetitively which is easy to create.

How Can A Virus Come In Contact
With A Computer

A computer can come in contact with a virus
by not running the latest updates.
Downloading music, games, and videos
Browsing the web while JavaScript is enabled.

Different Type of Computer

 Trojans/Trojans
 Worms

 Companion



Trojans/Trojans Horse

Trojans can imprisonment and resend data to
an external address or open communication
ports. This virus was designed originally to
cause as much damage as possible on a


A worm is a program that spreads over
A computer worm is an individual program
that repeats itself in order to spread. Worms
exist discrete entitles they do not confer
themselves to other programs.

Companion Virus

Companion virus is a virus
that generates a copy of a
file and places a different
suspension on it.
To carry out their infection
routines, companion
viruses can wait in
memory until a program is
run, or act immediately by
making copies of

Computer Viruses

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