Computer Viruses

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Nowaday the speed of development of technology was very fast and progressive, everybody familiar with the Internet. As now you can search many information in internet, such as buy film tickets or online shopping even handle personal finance, so every people were put many time in the internet. Do you pay attention to the security of computer when you browsing Internet? For example some confidentiality information or your banking account and password was stolen.This is copmuter viruses, it can make a large influence for family user even merchant, if you want to protect your privacy, learn more about viruses, that is a important chapter we need to know. Now we are going to introduce computer viruses.

The origin of the virus
Malicious intrusions into computer systems in the network, while high-profile hackers, computer virus, the origin of what has been rarely noticed. Early virus is not indignant or anti-social young people to create a computer expert, but from the University of researchers, system administrators and a group of Old School hackers hand, they have the ability to automatically copy the program as a clever feature.

What is a viruses and malignant code? Malignant code refers to some progream damage the computer or network that you can’t expect. Hidden damage include change and steal your information, harm your copmuter system, run some function user don’t want etc. The examples of malignant code include copmuter viruses, worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs, spyware, and backdoor programs. User must adpot prevent measures to detect and avoid eruption of malignant code, because it will lead the software and information processing equipment have a serious threat.

Now we are introduce four types viruses: (a)Trojan Horse (b)Worms (c)Botnet (d)Spyware. Trojan horse is a malignant program, and with the virus The biggest difference is that not usually self-replicating Trojan horses, most of them used to steal computer passwords. In principle, it is only a remote management tool. In itself, without harmful nor contagious, it can’t be called virus because Trojan horse is steal the information and passwords inside your computer and control computer by hacker and in general is looking for a backdoor Trojan horse program to steal passwords based malignant program. Trojan is a special kind of vicious program, if not careful with the use of a software program contains a Trojan, the Trojan will be planted to the computer, after surfing the web, the computer control completely to the hacker, he will be able to through your computer, steal passwords, credit card numbers and other confidential information, but also a computer monitor, control, view, modify information, etc. operations.

Let talk about worms.What is a network worms? Computer worms and viruses similar to, is a self-replicating computer programs.Worm is designed to replicate itself on your computer,but it will also control computer can transfer files or information on the function of automatically copied.Is usually a generally refuse to implement the code, and launch denial of service attacks,and make the computer a great degree of efficiency in the implementation of the reduced.Thereby undermining the normal use of the computer a virus.With a computer virus is different is that it is not attached to the individual within the program.Once the system is invaded by the worms, it will be replicated.Worms very dangerous place, is that it will conduct a large number of replication,For example: worms may be a copy of itself to send you an e-mail address book for each person listed,The user's computer will then perform the same action,thus causing a chain reaction occurs, up large amounts of network bandwidth, reduce the entire enterprise network and the Internet speed. Whenever a new spread of the worm program, they will be spread throughout a very high speed, blocking network traffic and may allow each person to pay twice as much...
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