computer technology of the 1960s and now

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Computer technology of the 1960s and now

Computer technology of the 1960s may have put a man on the moon, but today’s computers are worlds beyond. The computers of the 1960s may seem primitive but the truth is they are the frame work of every Smartphone, tablet and personal computer. In the beginning of the 1960s most computers were behemoths taking up whole floors of office buildings. Because the computers were so massive they usually became a structure in a office building or university. Not only were computers big in size the price was a small fortune as well, some costing as much as $1 million. A large contributor of the size of the computers was the memory banks. A 1960s gigabyte of storage was a disk the size of a small car tire whereas now it’s no bigger than a postage stamp. The reason for the extreme discrepancy between size then and now it’s the emergence of the microchip. A microchip came about to combat the problem of size. Busicom a Japanese calculator manufacture needed a desktop calculator that was cost effective. Intel accepted the challenge and designed the microchip. The microchip replaced the old transistor inside the device and was able to compute a lot more calculations in a smaller space thus giving them a small yet powerful calculator.

In the 1960s computing was just starting to get smaller with the emergence of micro processers replacing the old transistors. While the computers were getting smaller the fear was growing bigger. With movies like 2001: a space odyssey depicting the rise if the artificial intelligence. People were starting to really fear that computers could have a mind of their own. Who could blame them, this was a generation was just coming out of the fear of complete world annihilation during the cold war. Computers that thought for them selves probably was not too much of a stretch in their minds. The fact is most people just didn’t understand how computers worked. So, most people just dismissed it as some sort...

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