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Topics: Mobile phone, Computer, Ammunition Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: February 6, 2014
Computer technology is about the study of hardware and software that are the foundation of modern computer systems. It refers to the design, construction and programming of computers. This broad definition encompasses a few major areas such as hardware, software and networking. Computers have now taken a fundamental part of everyday lives, controlling everything from toasters to nuclear power stations. And they compete with newspapers, radio, and television in providing entertainment and news of the day. Who doesn’t have a mobile phone nowadays? If I guess right almost everyone must have one. Those who have smart phones, you must all know that your phone is equipped with a GPS, A global positioning system, with which you can get your exact positioning within seconds. With the use of satellites, and data being sent and received, the actual location is displayed and this is helpful, for instance, if you get lost somewhere. Well this is about computer technology. Computer technology has also enhanced the development of sophisticated devices that can assist the two million students with more severe disabilities in overcoming a wide range of limitations that hinder classroom participation-from speech and hearing impairments to blindness and severe physical disabilities. Lectures and classes can now be held online. No need to be actually in class, you can even enjoy the comfort of your sofa at home while following the class. No more need to go to libraries and take the load of hefty books in your bag. One large advantage that law enforcement now enjoys thanks to modern computer technology is the ability to connect information databases from various law enforcement agencies. Where a suspect used to be able to jump state lines to avoid detection, computers make it much easier for officers to be aware of crimes outside their jurisdiction so that patterns can be detected, and criminals can be tracked with the assistance of other agencies. New technology allows a laser...
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